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I believe that education must be transformative. Too many offerings out there will waste your time and money, and leave you right where they found you, frustrated and stuck.

But I'm committed to doing better: every single one of my offerings exists to move you forward. You'll learn real skills, build real confidence, and see real results. The proof is in the reviews!

A rising tide lifts all boats.

I love seeing my students succeed, simply because it's awesome to watch them thrive. But beyond that, all of us are ultimately served when our industry has high standards, when more people recognize the payoff of investing well into photography, and when we can earn a real living doing what we love.

 i believe

You have what it takes.

I didn't start photography because I thought I was artsy - in fact, I was a software engineer. I later learned how much I love to create.
Maybe you consider yourself an artist - or maybe not. Maybe you take to the creativity naturally or maybe you're analytical. Maybe you're experienced or maybe you're brand new. Guess what? You belong here.

 i believe

— Ashley N.

"I’ve purchased a few items from Hannah’s online photography education shop and have absolutely been blown away! It can be a gamble to invest in photography education because so many educators just do it to make money, but Hannah truly cares about her students’ experience. I’ve learned so much from her Instant Upgrade and Connect & Convert! If you’re on the fence, know that Hannah’s offerings have made a true difference in the quality of service I give my clients. Absolute game changers for my business!"

This online course is your ticket to running sessions like a true master, and always creating beauty no matter the stress or chaos.

Whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, working with families, newborns, or maternity sessions and beyond, this course is so much bigger and better than a posing guide.

You'll learn my entire session flow, which is easily adaptable, flexible, and repeatable for endless variety. You'll learn about composition, making moms actually look gorgeous, how to work with the most challenging clients, what it takes to make images look truly natural, and SO MUCH MORE.

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I can't tell you this strongly enough: do not waste your time and countless sales opportunities trying to DIY your website or using a free/cheap template. I've scoured the web, and Tonic has the best Showit site templates, hands down. In a matter of days, you can create a gorgeous site that actually converts!

Use my affiliate link and the discount code HANNAH for 15% off your purchase - the investment is worth every penny, I promise. 

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I've used so many site builders, and this one is the best by far. It integrates with the most stunning, high-end templates, and is wildly easy to use. The interface is intuitive, the support is fantastic, and I'm never leaving!

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My email list is such an important part of my business, and I was a quick convert to Flodesk from the moment I tried it. I struggled with managing my list and producing emails consistently for years with other programs that were confusing and difficult to use. 

Make managing your email list and sending out beautiful emails a breeze, plus save 50% with this link!


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Studio Ninja is how I manage my clients - from booking to contract to invoice and beyond. It's incredibly powerful yet easy to use and set up - plus it's significantly more affordable than other leading options. It's been my go-to for years and I can't recommend it enough!

Use this code for 20% off your subscription every single month, forever: AHIU3CQ7YH0UY0

Studio Ninja

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— sanny

"Hannah is not about fluff. She gets to the point and will make sure that your time with her is 100% worth it..."

"Signing up for a mentorship call with Hannah was one of the best decisions that I've made for my business this year! I was looking for clarity in the direction of my business and ways to elevate it. I've admired her work, her approach to her photography business, and online presence, and so naturally, wanted to learn from her experience. Hannah was very open with me about what worked and what didn't for her, and helped me identify top action items that I can do now to maximize change. I had sent her a long email of questions and topics that we could possibly cover during our call, and I can't believe that we touched on all of it! Hannah is not about fluff. She gets to the point and will make sure that your time with her is 100% worth it (but still having the call be super laid back and fun)!"

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