Fast-track your growth &  build your business right.

Fast-track your growth & build your business right.

I equip other photographers with the skills they need to excel in both art and business, as I provide the support and encouragement needed to thrive behind the scenes.

I truly want to see every photographer succeed, and I wholeheartedly believe in YOU.

I'm all about results.

And I mean that with 100% seriousness. Going this road alone means too much trial and error, too much wasted time and frustration, and a whole lot of missed income potential. And don't get me started on how confidence and job satisfaction can suffer.

Finding the right mentor is like finding a shortcut from where you are to where you want to go. No 'over the river and through the woods' type of deal - it's like traveling with a guide who's been this way before. And that means you can skip the trial and error and wasted time, and do your business and art like you want now (and earn more now). 

I know, because I've been there, too. The roadblocks I mention below are ones I've personally faced. But when I got the right coaching - that perfect combo of education and empowerment - it changed everything. And it can for you, too.

The right education can change your life.

Ready for your life to change?

When I started my photography journey a few months ago I felt like there was so much to learn so I decided to invest in a mentor. I was so lucky to have found Hannah Mann. During our mentorship she hasn’t just been an amazing teacher but also a true friend. Because of Hannah’s experience with photography I have been able to learn things that take people years to learn. Lighting, posing, editing, and how to use my camera settings are just a few things that she has taught me that have made me a better photographer. She has been able to guide me in almost every aspect of my business. I could not recommend Hannah enough to anyone that is looking for a mentor and friend.

— A.D.

"I have been able to learn things that take people years to learn."

I'm here to equip you with the skills you need to create a business and art that you love. (And I'll be your biggest fan, too.)

There are so many teachers and coaches and courses out there - so what might make me a great fit for you? Get to know a little more about me and my approach to education:
  • I am all about problem solving, and getting real results. I spent several years as a software engineer, and while I ended up moving away from it long-term, what I loved was finding answers to complex problems. Good practical education is all about problem solving, and finding ways to get from point A to point B in a way that works for you.
  • I genuinely believe in your potential. I have spent my entire life looking at the potential in everything: how cute a house could be with a little work, what kind of business could be built off a great idea, etc. And I believe in YOU. I have no doubt that you can get where you want to go, with the right knowledge and tools and confidence.
  • I've been at this a long time. Since 2014, I've been navigating the wonderful, crazy creative industry and I've learned a lot. From all the ins and outs of lighting, film, and posing, to working with challenging clients, to creating a beautiful client experience, rebuilding my business from scratch in a new state, overcoming self-limiting mindsets, and more - I've been through it all. Studies show that up to 85% of photographers don't make it more than three years in business, but what I've learned has made me significantly more satisfied with time and I'm here to stay!

You want to learn. But why choose me?


"The money that I invested in working with Hannah is the best money spent in my whole photography career."

A mentorship consists of a meeting or series of meetings (two hours each over Zoom). We dig into whatever is holding you back, so that you can overcome it. Maybe you know exactly what you need to learn, or maybe you don't. No matter what, I'm here to help, and I promise that you will learn tangible skills that make a real difference - I'm here to make change, not waste your time!

Mentorships are suitable for photographers of all stages, and are fully tailored to you. My students are more than students to me, and I'll be cheering you on well past the end of our official time together.


$695 for one / $1250 for two / $1700 for three

— Blakelee T.

"I had the incredible opportunity to participate in an online mentorship with Hannah. She is incredibly talented and has a true gift for teaching... I cannot recommend Hannah enough!!! If I could give her 10 stars I would. Thank you, Hannah!!!"

Styled shoots are intended to be added on to a mentorship or coaching. They provide the opportunity to photograph a beautifully styled session alongside me. Styled shoots are a huge portfolio boost, and you will have the chance to watch me work in person and apply the skills you're learning to a session while you have moment-by-moment guidance from me.

Photographing together is one of the most transformative learning experiences! It's like a personalized workshop, just for you. And btw, most of my students travel from out of state and make it into a mini-vacation as well!

Styled Shoots


Unbasic Creatives is my six month long group coaching program for family and newborn photographers who want to build a profitable business that stands out from the crowd. 

In this program, we cover everything it takes to build the business of your dreams - from defining your own success, to creating art that aligns with your vision, to client experience, pricing, website, marketing, and so much more.

Unbasic Creatives is for photographers of all stages who are ready to make big changes, and want to skip the years of trial and error that it takes to figure it all out solo. 

Give me six months, and commit to doing the work, and I promise that your life will change in so many amazing ways!

Group Coaching

discover unbasic creatives

My primary hesitation is always whether someone is going to be a good teacher. There's a big difference between being a great photographer and being able to teach someone else well, especially because I don't feel like creative pursuits come naturally to me. But knowing that you came from a non-creative background and seeing how hands-on you appear to be with your kids gave me confidence that you 1) know what it's like to have to switch ways of thinking; and 2) would probably be patient enough and able to break down things that didn't come naturally to me.

1. What hesitations did you have before booking a mentorship with me?

Overall, your suggestion to reserve a little time each session for play or experimentation has been so helpful. Giving myself that little bit of time to try to incorporate things that I'm not 100% sure about or am still getting comfortable using has been great because I know I got what I needed to get in the first half of the session and still have time to experiment with real people. And when it works, they get a little more diversity in their gallery! As far as tangible skills and results, the biggest one has been a shift in my attitude towards light: while I'll always prefer some sun, I've felt so much more confident in finding the best light in less than ideal conditions and have been really happy with the results. *I know this seems like a small thing, but finding and understanding light has always been the hardest thing for me with photography, so to me, this is a big thing.

2. What results have you experienced, or what skills have you developed?

I really enjoy and benefit from undivided attention. Having the space (and not worrying about what someone else will think of my questions or worrying that I'm taking up too much time) to ask the things I really want to dive into and spend as much or as little time as necessary is so beneficial. I also really appreciate that you structure the mentorship around what your mentee wants to learn - this forced me to actually think about what I wanted to learn and what it is about your work that made me think you would be a person to learn from regarding those things I wanted to learn.

3. What did you like best about a 1:1 mentorship?

I feel like I have a new friend! More specifically, I felt comfortable sharing all of the things that I think influence my work and the way I operate. That has made me more confident in just being myself and shooting in a way that feels right for me with clients.

4. How else have you benefited from our work together?  

That you are a safe space, seemingly free from any judgment! You are genuinely interested in helping people work through the things they are struggling with and seem to really enjoy the process.

5. What's the most important thing people should know about working with me?

Q&A with one of my students

keeley mckay

Hannah, has mentored me for 8 months... I can’t really find the words to explain all that Hannah has helped me with but to summarize a few: editing, lighting, website, story telling, directing a session, location seeking, how to avoid color casting, and framing images properly. Seriously the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, she’s given me the confidence to just do it, trust myself, and shoot!

There has never been a question unanswered or a message left on read. She has truly held up her side of being a mentor and she is real and relatable!

— L.G.

"She's given me the confidence to just do it..."

Ready to fall in love with your work and create the business you dream of?

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