I'm a photography educator with a passion for transformative education. 

Hey there! I'm hannah.

I believe in your talents and potential even more than you might believe in them. Really! I believe in you because I know that being a successful photographer isn't about being born with the right skills, but about getting your hands on the right education.

And that, friend, is what you'll find here.

Everything is learnable.

 I believe

Sure, it's intimidating sometimes. But it's all learnable. From contracts and invoices, to shooting film, to marketing and managing an email list, to building your own studio.... with the right education, you can do it.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

I love seeing my students succeed, simply because it's awesome to watch them thrive. But beyond that, all of us are ultimately served when our industry has high standards, when more people recognize the payoff of investing well into photography, and when we can earn a real living doing what we love.

 i believe

You have what it takes.

I didn't start photography because I thought I was artsy - in fact, I was a software engineer. I later learned how much I love to create.
Maybe you consider yourself an artist - or maybe not. Maybe you take to the creativity naturally or maybe you're analytical. Maybe you're experienced or maybe you're brand new. Guess what? You belong here.

 i believe

My Approach

I have developed a unique, extremely relaxed and repeatable approach to photographing families. It's one that allows me to capture gorgeous storytelling imagery at every session - even the most challenging ones. I see a need in the family photo industry for education that equips photographers to create high-end work and businesses, so I am particularly passionate about educating family photographers.